Management Information

KPI & sales reports

With linked till and accounting systems it is feasible to have daily, weekly and monthly sales and KPI reporting at a time it is still relevant. Armstrong Watson will work with you to fulfil your reporting requirements, allowing your senior management to get a birds eye view of your performance and KPIs. This allows your operations team to actively respond to changes in supply and demand.

Management Accounting

On a monthly basis your business has the ability to take stock and reflect on performance to date.

We will help you to create a suite of reports that allow you to measure performance and benchmark against budget, forecast and prior period data.

The management information can include, based on your requirements, Profit and Loss accounts, KPI reports, sales reports, and a board pack.

Balance sheet Maintenance

In addition to the management information provided, a fully reconciled balance sheet will provide you with validated and correctly classified position of your assets and liabilities.

We can provide you with a solution that gives you with on line access to your reconciled balance sheet. This can be shared with key stakeholders on demand, for instance with auditors when you are required to submit audited accounts.

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