Lenders requiring Fixed Charge Receiverships

As a lender you wish borrowers to repay their facilities in accordance with the terms agreed at loan inception, or at least on revised terms if circumstances should require further negotiation or additional facilities.  However, if normal credit control measures do not produce repayment, you may need to enforce your security over the property via a Fixed Charge Receivership (also sometimes called a Law of Property Act Receivership).

The experienced team at Armstrong Watson are used to:

  • Appraising sites and properties, as part of a multi-disciplinary team, to seek the best return for lenders
  • Obtaining control over property assets and managing them pending sale
  • Seeking ways in which the asset value can be enhanced
  • Managing the sale process and delivering completions

In order to deliver value back to lenders, the team also seeks to identify any non-property assets which may be capable of being realised for the benefit of the secured creditor, and can advise on which alternative process can be used to enforce recovery of those assets should negotiation fail.

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