Members’ voluntary liquidations

Members’ voluntary liquidations (MVLs) are a vital means of returning value to shareholders and to bringing limited companies affairs to an orderly conclusion.  We work closely with directors and advisors to:

  • Understand the strategy and timelines to the proposed MVL
  • Review and advise upon necessary steps to be taken in preparation for the process
  • Manage the appointment and statutory processes
  • Liaise with tax advisors  and HMRC to obtain confirmation of the final tax liabilities
  • Ensure any assets requiring realisation are realised for maximum benefit to the company
  • Distribute cash, property and other assets to shareholders

We are regularly appointed to companies which will shortly dispose of their trade and assets (or a key subsidiary) and will work with legal advisors to assist in the disposal process and to ensure that the subsequent MVL can proceed smoothly. 

A S110 reorganisation, a specialist variant of the MVL, enables the division of assets (or subsidiary companies) between shareholders without triggering the tax liabilities that might arise on a disposal.  It can be utilised to demerge assets (so shareholders retain the same percentage ownership of all assets via now separated companies) or to partition assets (so that different assets are divided amongst various shareholders).

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