Employment Tax

Employing staff is a fundamental element of running a successful business, be this a small, family-owned company or a global organisation operating in many countries across the world.

In the UK we have complex and strict pay regulations and tax laws, with an ever-increasing compliance burden placed on employers to understand and adhere to the rules - mistakes on which can have a big impact financially as well as bringing reputational damage to the business. The way the world and working environment are changing is also adding further complexity and additional compliance obligations to many employers both in the UK and abroad.

Our team of employment tax experts, led by Brian Rudkin, have an in-depth knowledge of employment tax and pay regulations and extensive experience of, and working with, government bodies such as HMRC. We apply this knowledge and experience to help our employer clients, large or small, navigate the complex rules and to mitigate the risk of compliance failures arising.

End of Year Employer Compliance

Employers have various compliance responsibilities and returns to file periodically or at tax year-end, including benefits in kind, employment-related securities (share awards), payroll, and employment intermediaries reporting. We can provide tax compliance services to handle these aspects for you, or we can provide advice and support in helping you manage your compliance responsibilities directly.  

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Employment Tax Advisory

The tax rules on staff payments, benefits, expenses and reward are vast, and it is difficult to know all the nuances contained within tax legislation and HMRC guidance. Our team can provide advice or deliver advisory projects in areas such as salary sacrifice, termination payment, benefits in kind, expenses, permanent/temporary workplaces, HMRC compliance checks, and disclosures. 

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Off-payroll/ Contingent Workers

Engaging contractors or consultants “off-payroll” either directly, through an intermediary such as a limited company, or via employment agencies or other parts of the supply chain, involves complex tax and employment rules and is a key focus area for HMRC. 

Mistakes or HMRC challenges on such workers can be very costly and damaging to a business. Our team can help to manage risks in this tricky area. 

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National Minimum Wage Regulations

This is a very complex area with strict financial, and other, sanctions for even genuine, technical, breaches of the law. Our team has extensive experience in advising employers on the complexities of the regulations and HMRC’s approach to policing this area. 

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Construction Industry Scheme

We can provide a range of services in this area of employment tax which affects all construction businesses and any other business spending significant sums on construction work. 

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