Peter has been our go-to advisor through some pretty tricky times over the past few years.  Moving from purely the agricultural sector to branching out into hospitality has been mainly made possible by following Peters advice and guidance.   Peter has not only offered financial planning and accountancy guidance but has been a very trusted family advisor.  Having someone to act as a knowledgeable well-informed sounding board for ideas who provides impartial, well informed advice and feedback is priceless - something we value greatly.

Minister Walk

We've grown our veterinary business steadily over the last 17 years and in the last few years, with Justin's help, we have negotiated many obstacles that life and business can throw at you. He has helped us set up our pensions, rearrange our borrowing and with our long term tax planning.

I really feel that our company's financial health is in good hands and that we are now properly proactive rather than reactive. We know that we have a safe pair of hands and That Justin is at the end of the phone should we have any financial issues.

Dan & Charlie Fawcett

Armstrong Watson have been my business accountants for 20 years, so when I needed retirement advice on my deferred pensions I had built up many years ago, Armstrong Watson Financial Planning Ltd were my first choice.

At the first meeting, Justin covered a wide range of topics. He came over as professional,calm, not pushy and explained technical issues in layman terms. This initial meeting with Justin gave me the confidence to continue working with him and not seek another independent financial advisor. I have built up a good working relationship with both Justin and the investment manager which Justin recommended and I know that if I ever have any questions or requests I can contact them for assistance.

This all works so well that my partner is now looking at moving their investment portfolio to Armstrong Watson Financial Planning Ltd too.   

N - Cumbria

We have been clients of Armstrong Watson for many years and have been extremely satisfied with the services they provide. More recently Lisa Pocklington and Helen Tansley have helped us set up Automatic Enrolment for our staff and guided us through the intacaies and pitfalls of the system; which was much appriecated.

Whatever your field of business we would highly recommend Armstrong Watson.

Gemma & Ron Eades

Pepperells Solicitors are a dynamic and growing law firm founded over 25 years ago, employing over 100 staff in the Humber area. In 2016 we engaged the services of Armstrong Watson's specialist legal sector as we sought to change our business structure to reflect Pepperell's modern approach to Law. During the process we were introduced to Justin Rourke. Justin and the legal sector team advised us on ensuring the business and it's key stakeholders are adequately protected in the event of death or critical illness and continues to guide us through our pension planning.

Ben Pepperell - CEO Pepperells Solicitors

I first encountered Justin when he provided training for my work colleagues about the introduction of Auto Enrolment and I was impressed by the quality of the information provided and Justin's clear and knowledgeable response to concerns and questions raised. When I was looking for someone to provide me with pension advice leading up to my retirement, Justin immediately came to mind. The advice and support which Justin has provided has been excellent - just the right level of detail to allow me to make informed and realistic decisions about my pension and future finances. Justin has certainly lived up to my expectations - brilliant!

K Bowen

I have been a customer of Armstrong Watson for over 30 years and the team have consistently supported and helped my with my business and the decisions that I have made.

David Threlkeld, is enthusiastic and professional when giving advice and has advised me on many aspects associated with my business, such as change in ownership, inheritance tax planning, VAT, buying and selling of Vehicles as well as general tax planning. All this and great value for money. David is always responsive to any questions or enquiries that I may have and gets back to me very quickly, he's also a great pleasure to work with. I would recommend Armstrong Watson and David Threlkeld for anyone seeking an accountant. 

Hall Carleton Farm

Mark has provided us with excellent advice and assistance for a number of years now. He is extremely knowledgeable and understands our needs to the letter and always explains things clearly and in a manner which we can understand. Given that Armstrong Watson is a large organisation, Marks gives a personal touch. He is very well organised and we would highly recommend him.

Alan & Carol - Newcastle

I have been investing on and off for 30 years and had dealings with a few financial advisers over those years but it was a refreshing change when I met Mark Trickett almost ten years ago. I liked the way Mark explained everything to me in a simple and straightforward way so I understood what the risks were and what rewards I might expect without selling me a product I might not need or want. With Mark's advice, I am happy with my investments and it's been a good move to become clients of Armstrong Watson.

Michael Ashe

I’m a little surprised at the low levels of stress throughout the whole mortgage process!! I’m so happy that I was put in touch with you - you’ve been fab and we're so excited. Thanks again Helen!

Jan Campbell