Back to Basics, How to Read a Set of Accounts

How many times have you been presented with a set of accounts and management information about your business and stared blankly at the figures?  In a back to basics approach this workshop will help you understand your figures and help you to use those figures to manage and grow your business.


What you will learn from attending this workshop:

How to assess profitability and how to use this information to help grow your business

How to assess the financial health of your business

What is the difference between profit and cash? Where does my cash go? Where does my profit go?

Understanding accounts speak

What are others looking for when they read my accounts? What are my suppliers looking for when they view my accounts? What can I learn from reading my competitors accounts? What are the banks looking for when they consider lending me money?

Understanding the balance sheet

Date & Time

Date: Wednesday, 23rd November 2016
Time: 4.00pm - 6.00pm


Armstrong Watson
51 Rae Street
Dumfries and Galloway