Legal Sector Breakfast Briefing - Carlisle

Armstrong Watson and Virgin Money are holding the next in our regular series of Breakfast Briefings for the Legal Services Market in Carlisle via Teams.

Although now using technology, as with our previous events, invites are still being restricted to key decision makers within key regional firms with a select group of regular attendees.  That way we will still attract high quality nationally recognised speakers to present on law firm management issues.

Planning for the Future: How to make better technology decisions that move your firm forward

COVID 19 has caused firms to accommodate unprecedented levels of change, and also challenge many long held beliefs about what was normal or orthodox.  However even those firms that accept change as inevitable, and perhaps even desirable, can sometimes struggle to define what that change should be and how best to address the opportunity it represents.  

This presentation will discuss the need for a plan, and how best to evaluate competing demands in the light of the pressures firms face today and in the future.  It will look at the metrics and considerations that you ought to weigh up, covering not just technology for the sake of technology, but technology as it impacts upon Clients, Quality, People and Time.  This presentation will ensure you are equipped to make better decisions; it will help you define and then adhere to a consistent framework for your future technology path.

The presentation will be given by Helen Daly, an industry expert in the professional sector, and will provide an opportunity for you to compare your experience with that of other professionals.

Speaker Profile - Helen Daly 

Helen is a Senior Associate with Jeremy Hyman Associates, and works with professional services firms in the legal and accountancy sectors to help maximise the value of their investment in IT.  Helen has post-graduate qualifications in law and accounting, and over 10 years’ experience advising professionals on how to make the best possible decisions about resources, processes and technology.  She is passionate about guiding firms in their technology choices in practical ways that users can embrace and that help them maximise their potential.

Jeremy Hyman Associates is a specialist, dedicated team of advisors who help firms make good IT decisions.  Unbiased and independent, they know what best practice looks like and are experts in choosing and implementing the most appropriate technology and resources to help firms achieve their commercial goals.

Date & Time

Date: Wednesday, 13th October 2021
Time: 10:00 - 11:30 am via Teams

Registration details

To register your interest, please email Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.  We are allowing 90 minutes for this session.