Legal Sector Breakfast Briefing - Newcastle

Armstrong Watson and Yorkshire Bank would like to invite you to the next of our regular series of Breakfast Briefings for the Legal Services Market in Newcastle.

Invites are restricted to key decision makers within key regional firms.  Our intention is to hold these events for a select group of no more than 20 regular attendees.  That way we can attract high quality nationally recognised speakers to present on law firm management issues.

Penny for improvement

In this interactive presentation Mark will share some of his experiences and observations in taking Lean Management from the factory floor to the law firm. 

Every day you face frustrations:

  •        clients failing to send back paperwork
  •        sending back paperwork incorrectly
  •        many clients will call in for help or for an update

Your frustrations may be internal:

  •        filling in expense forms
  •        taking on new clients
  •        ID checks
  •        creating invoices
  •        checking the work of others

All of these frustrations waste time and effort; for you and your clients – lean management helps you to identify, quantify and remove these frustrations.

Imagine getting fewer calls from clients, paperwork back on time, correctly filled in…not having to check work, an invoice system that works….

His observations start with one given to him by a managing partner “Of course we have processes; it’s just that everyone has their own version…”

Mark will bring with him a simple exercise, used in business schools across the world that demonstrates one of the 7 Types of Frustration he sees in every law firm.  He’ll share his insights on how to get people to open up about the processes they really use.  He’ll also bring with him examples of where Lean Management is making inroads into the legal world and where it is most relevant.  Attendees will also receive a copy of the PDF Lean for Lawyers – a guide, written by Mark.

Speaker Profiles

Mark Greenhouse is a Director of Levantar, working on the application of Lean Management in legal and design led manufacturing companies for the past eight years.  His own Lean journey started back in 1988 when he started studying Manufacturing Engineering.  He's applied Lean in many organisation types, finance, call centres, banking, FMCG etc.  Mark is an adjunct lecturer at Leeds University Business School and has written extensively on Lean improvement in law firms.

Levantar is an established supplier of Lean Management consultancy and training with services provided to law firms, service companies and design led manufacturing firms from wind turbine manufacturers through to furniture and wedding dress designers.

Please note the new venue

8.00am – Arrival and breakfast  

8.30am – Briefing

9.30am – Q & A

10.00am – Close

Date & Time

Date: Tuesday, 24th November 2015
Time: 8am - 10am


131-135 Northumberland Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

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