SRA Accounts Rules Training Course

COFAs have recently taken their new appointments; they are required to have a detailed knowledge of the Accounts Rules. It is also vital for partners, fee earners and accounts staff alike to remain fully up to date. The course aims to improve efficiency, cashflow and profitability and will cover the following:

An overview of the 2011 Rules

What COFA’s should be looking for

The recent changes to the Rules

Advice on how to comply with the rules in a practical manner, the necessary systems to implement and how fee earners should work effectively with accounts staff

Common breaches and how to avoid them

What the reporting accountant and the SRA will be looking for

How to make your reporting accountant’s visit go smoothly, efficiently and add value to your business

Andy Poole, Legal Sector Director at Armstrong Watson

Date & Time

Date: Tuesday, 8th October 2013
Time: 1pm - 3pm


Sheffield and District Law Society
8 Campo Lane
S1 2EF