5 Reasons Why We Love Xero!

There was a time when Sage was King of accounting software, and if you asked any business to name an accounting software brand that would have been their answer.  The development of online software has seen a shift in the monopoly to cloud accounting. We partnered with Xero, and here are just some of the reasons we love it:

Real time information

Xero’s focus is on real-time information and not on giving you a historic view of your business. The dashboard gives you a current view of your cash and bank balances and outstanding bills and invoices.

Daily bank feeds

Your bank transactions feed directly into the software, showing incoming and outgoing transactions as they happen.

Automated bookkeeping

Purchase invoices can be automatically scanned and uploaded into your Xero data, so no manual input is required. This not only saves time but reduces the risk of human inputting errors. No need for files of paper invoices, as all documents saved in the cloud.

Online sales invoices

No need to print and post out sales invoices as these can be sent automatically online. This saves on printing and postage costs and also avoids postage delays so you many even get paid quicker!  Xero has a credit control function and can send out automatic chaser emails for unpaid invoices.

Access anywhere, anytime

Unlike desktop accounting packages, Xero can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. So when you need those numbers fast, they’re always available.

We have seen first-hand how Xero can revolutionise businesses. Having access to your up to date information allows us to quickly answer queries and analyse your numbers to help you make business decisions. It has become a whole new way for us to work closely and proactively with our clients. Our onboarding teams know Xero inside out and can get your business up and running on Xero in no time. We can train you on the basics of bookkeeping and help streamline your financial processes allowing you to spend your valuable time working on the business.

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