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App of the Month: AutoEntry - Unbeatable 30% off for Life


This month we look at a truly essential app; a world leading, automated data entry software that massively reduces the amount of time spent on data entry, minimises paperwork and helps businesses become cloud based and MTD compliant.   

AutoEntry works by capturing invoice, receipt or bank statement data from scans, emails or photographs, verifying and extracting that data and sending it to the accounts software.  The process is quick, simple and features automation tools to reduce manual entry time and error.  Electronic copy invoices are retained in AutoEntry and also attached to transactions in the accounts software, improving visibility and putting an end to rummaging through files to find invoices. 

Armstrong Watson uses AutoEntry for our bookkeeping and we have seen the benefits it brings in reducing processing times and dramatically improving our efficiency.  We advise our clients to do the same and see how much time and money they can save. 

One of the challenges thrown up by the move to remote and home working over the last year has been that of sharing invoices and paperwork, whether it be within a business or with external bookkeepers and accountants.  AutoEntry solves this problem as documents can be sent directly by uploaded scan, email or phone app photograph to the cloud-based software where it can be accessed and processed remotely. 

If your bank or credit card company has not yet developed bank feeds, AutoEntry also has the ability to scan statements and produce CSV/Excel documents that can be imported directly into your accounts software, again removing the need for manual entry. 

Other features include automatic reconciliation of supplier invoices to statements and employee expense claims.  

As long term AutoEntry partners we have secured an industry leading 30% discount off the standard price in perpetuity for all our clients.  Simply click on this link to sign up for a free, no-obligation trial of AutoEntry and comprehensive onboarding.  If you choose to sign up after the end of the trial period, you will automatically receive our 30% discount.  

Watch AutoEntry in action

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What our client says...

Here’s what our client MXPro Store Ltd/SpiralGFX Ltd has to say about using AutoEntry: 

AutoEntry has had a huge effect on my time management, it has made it possible for other jobs to be undertaken.  You also have a lot more benefits than just that... No more duplicate invoices and also going paperless - which is great for space-saving in a small office - and it also avoids those small inaccuracies that can take place when inputting each invoice.  I am looking forward to exploring AutoEntry a bit more as I know it can do a lot more than I am actually using it for at this present time!” 

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