Autumn Budget 2021 - Improving the infrastructure of the UK


Since being elected, the government has continually emphasised its desire to “level up” the UK, and the Chancellor made numerous references to this during his speech. 

The government wants to make sure that people from all backgrounds in all locations across the UK have access to the same facilities.  In order to achieve this the Chancellor announced further investment in the country’s infrastructure. 

As would be expected, a significant part of this investment will go on education and health, with a commitment to invest in both new staff and buildings.

The government is also keen to improve the transport network across the UK, and has announced that it will be making a major investment in the road network, both in terms of the construction of new roads, and repairing existing ones. 

The rail network will also receive investment, with the aim of re-opening a number of local train stations to improve travel links for remoter communities. 

Housing also saw a boost, with the government continuing with its commitment to build new affordable homes across the UK.

Finally, the government will also be investing in the UK’s broadband network, with a commitment to providing more homes with access to gigabit broadband, particularly in more rural areas. 

For further analysis watch our Autumn Budget webinar.

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