Financial Training: Law Firm Fee-Earners

In our experience it is the fee earners' day to day activities that have the biggest impact on the profits and cash flow of law firms. If they do not understand the financial implications of their day to day decisions, then the financial success of law firms will be held back. This three hour course provides an understanding of finance which then allows specific actions and improvements to be discussed, and importantly bought into by all delegates.

Often these courses are used as a launch pad for new financial initiatives sought by the firm which help to obtain the buy in from all staff. In other instances they lead onto the creation of a business improvement report based upon the points discussed in the course.

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What is it?

Three hour training course presented by experienced and nationally recognised trainers online or in-house at your law firm's premises for Partners and staff.

Who is it for?

This service will benefit all law firms of any size in all locations.

What are the benefits for your firm?

  1. Your team will have a greater understanding of financial issues in law firms
  2. Your team will buy into the need to operate in a financially savvy manner
  3. Your team will become more confident in dealing with financial matters with clients
  4. You will increase your cash flow and profitability

What do I have to do?

You will need to be available for a planning telephone or Teams call to make the course more bespoke to your firm's requirements. Partners and staff will need to attend the course.

What are the deliverables?

An interactive training course presented by Andy Poole, Legal Sector Partner at Armstrong Watson that will provide your people with a clear understanding not only of the theoretical aspects of profit and cash generation, but also how to apply that in practice, with action points for the delegates to take away to make improved behaviour habitual.

What is the cost?

£280 plus VAT per delegate with a minimum of £3,910 plus VAT, for online courses. £750 Plus VAT addition plus travel costs for in person training. 15% discount for existing Armstrong Watson clients.

How long will it take?

Three hours.

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