While those you have highlighted for partnership have undoubtedly made the grade technically and have demonstrated the ability to look after every aspect of a client relationship, do they have all the business and management skills essential to grow their practice and your firm?

  • Do they have the skills to consistently bring in new work?
  • Can they keep growing their network so opportunities keep coming along?
  • Are they ready to manage their team (and themselves)?
  • Do they have the business savvy and financial know-how to keep driving their practice forward?

These are all the questions PathtoPartner has been set up to answer. Our panel of recognised experts will add the finishing touches to your future partners so that they're fully prepared to make the highest possible impact on the future of your firm. 

Why is PathtoPartner a vital addition to your process?

Armstrong Watson along with business development specialists, Tenandahalf, have designed PathtoPartner very carefully so that it delivers results.

For the participants they will understand exactly what it means to be a partner and what is expected of them in their new role. For the firm, your new partner will have the core skills to lead and manage your firm effectively.

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What do I do next?

To make an enquiry about PathtoPartner or for more information please contact Andy Poole, Legal Sector Partner, at


What our PathtoPartners say

"I found the introduction and objectives really helpful and it was good to meet Helen and Emily on the first module and understand their aims for the course as well as their thoughts on partnership and the impact of the pandemic on them and their business. The discussion with regards to partnership taxation was also helpful albeit we operate as a limited company. Andy was excellent and adaptable presenter and took on board comments and the request to adapt the partnership taxation to those in a limited company."

"In Module two the discussions regarding benchmarks and indicators of financial instability were really useful but I was particularly enthused as well as assisted by the KPI's and Benchmarks and the impact assessment - especially impact and getting my brain working with what differences could be applied. What was of particular use to me was understanding the KPI's and not needing to be awash with information to understand the direction and profitability of the business. The Key Indicators and suggestions were a reassuring endorsement of the direction our firm has been taking coming out of Covid and helped me understand the impact as well as reasoning behind our 3 monthly cashflow projections and our use of the pipeline procedure."

Claire Barnes, Taylors Solicitors

The session was really useful and thought provoking. Some courses simply flag issues to us and tell us what we should avoid doing. Andy's approach means not only were we made aware of potential pitfalls with things such as billing and fee quoting but he gave us solid guidance on what we can do to not only avoid the pitfalls but to turn those potential pitfalls into positive experiences for us and the clients.

Andy's knowledge and delivery inspires confidence in his recommendations.

Steve Redmond, Solicitor, Gateley plc

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