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MSI Global Alliance (MSI)

We are part of the MSI Global Alliance (MSI), an international association of over 250 leading independent legal and accounting firms with members spread across more then 100 countries. With our unique network of overseas partners, we can provide you with the detailed local knowledge and expertise required to support your business on a global scale.

We work closely together with our affiliated partners to ensure you receive essential professional advice in areas such as local laws, tax systems, regulations and customs. Whether you are looking to trade in new countries or continents, or planning to live or work abroad, we will connect with our carefully selected associates to provide you with the experience and know-how needed, whatever your desired global reach.  

What is MSI?

MSI is a global association of English speaking, independent accountancy and legal firms with 250 members in over 100 countries. This enables us to source competent professionals in firms similar to ours who can provide local advice, wherever you or your business need it.

Moving or working abroad?

Whether you have been outside the UK for many decades, or on your first overseas posting we can keep your UK affairs in order while you are away and work with advisors in your new location to ensure you are as tax efficient as possible.

Property abroad?

A holiday home abroad should be a relaxing bolt hole – provided of course you are up to speed with local rules. Though MSI we can help you find quality local advice to enable you to manage your responsibilities.

Coming to the UK?

Where coming to live or work in the UK we can make sure you know what taxes you will face, help you with record keeping and dealing with the UK’s Statutory Residency Test. We will work with your existing overseas advisors to plan your tax affairs.

Looking to export overseas?

If you are looking to grow overseas through MSI we can help you find quality local advice, in English, to make sure you have the most suitable structure and your accounts, tax and local legal matters are managed professionally. This will let you focus on the challenges this new part of your business will face.

Looking to expand into the UK?

We will work with your existing advisers to look at the most suitable structures for you here, help you understand your responsibilities and provide all round business support and advice.

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International accounting

International aspects cut across all our areas of expertise and there is no one typical scenario. We are here to help, whether you are a large company looking at group structures for UK expansion or cross border trading, or an individual with foreign residency issues.  We will work with MSI members or your existing advisers to coordinate your affairs across the globe.  

For more information on MSI Global you can visit their website. 

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