We became subject of a VAT enquiry from HMRC, which resulted in us owing a considerable sum of money in VAT to HMRC.

We engaged with David Graham at Armstrong Watson to manage the enquiry with HMRC and negotiate the penalties on the errors that had been identified.

David managed to achieve an outcome of a suspended penalty and a time to pay arrangement which was longer than had been reasonably hoped for, allowing our business to continue trading and employing a large number of staff.

Further to this, David has been available for any other VAT queries that have arisen within our business, providing us with efficient and valuable advice.

Business Owner, Keighley

The team at Armstrong Watson are a valued business partner and a continued part of our growth and development at KMF.

They have offered constructive and commercial solutions when needed and are extremely approachable.

Their fee levels are extremely competitive across the key products and in my opinion their service levels exceed that of their peer group and that of the Big 4.

Jon Eeles – Finance Director – KMF Precision Sheet Metal Limited

As a manufacturing business a critical element of our MI is our stock, too much stock and we have cash tied up unnecessarily, too little and we run the risk of disappointing customers. After a number of strategic business acquisitions and attempting to integrate different types of stock into our system we realised that there was a danger that our stock recording system could be producing inaccurate results.

As a result we asked the team at Armstrong Watson to review the stock system.  Their review highlighted the areas of weakness and also the areas that were performing to expectations. With their assistance we addressed the areas of concern and amended procedures and practices accordingly. Their pragmatic common sense approach backed by their experience and knowledge enabled us to achieve the right result in a reasonable timescale.

We now have full confidence that our MI is accurate and reliable.

Stephen Widdows MD DJH Group Limited

As a family owned and managed manufacturing business we have the skills and experience to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

We have the day to day running and management of the business in hand.  That said, what we have never challenged ourselves on is the bigger picture, we all know our roles and responsibilities.

What the team at Armstrong Watson have done is to challenge how we work not in the business, but on the business.  Their input and knowledge has allowed us to stand back from the day to day operations and work on the business, looking at the bigger, more strategic plan, rather than the day to day operational issues.

We have found, and are still finding, their input challenging, insightful and of great value.  They have a wealth of knowledge and whilst we believe the issues in our family owned and managed business are unique to us, it becomes more apparent that the issues are common throughout many similar businesses.

Jon Ward Joint MD Kay Dee Engineering Limited

We used the services of Steven Metcalf at Armstrong Watson to devise and manage an asset protection project that we wanted to implement.  Steven offered us some invaluable advice on how best to go forward and once we decided to go ahead with his proposal he managed the project expertly, co-ordinating with several other agencies to oversee and complete the job.  Steven is extremely knowledgeable about every accountancy matter I’ve ever discussed with him and he has a knack for explaining it in a clear, concise and interesting manner.  We can’t recommend him highly enough.

Danny Tanfield, Managing Director, Swantek

We recognised that we could benefit from a more effective rewards programme for our staff and fee earners in order to reward and further encourage high performance. However, we were unsure about how to structure such a rewards programme in a way which would not have an adverse affect on morale within the firm or the culture of the firm.  

We were impressed by the knowledge, experience and awareness of Andy Poole and the specialist legal sector team at Armstrong Watson.  They really understood the likely impacts of potential rewards programmes and were able to provide a comprehensive report, suggesting a bonus scheme that was bespoke to our business, helping us to drive performance in our key areas.  The presentation of the scheme, suggested rules and financial awareness training delivered to our fee earners has had a positive impact on our business.

Ian Kennerley, Partner, Silk Family Law

We let the experts help us. We’ve got up to date wills, up to date pension systems, all the financial planning goes into that. How to reduce taxation, planning for retirement, planning for everything.

We plan everything. We have two year, three year, five year, 10 year plans. We do the whole lot. Armstrong Watson control the financial side of it, that’s what we let them do. We concentrate on what we do. We use the experts, we employ contractors and any experts to do the work. I know how to grow chickens, I’m a chicken farmer, I’m not a financial consultant. They do it for me. All of it.

Mark Forster

I was looking for a financial advisor to help consolidate my pensions. I am very glad I was led to Armstrong Watson. The information and services that I received are far more than I ever expected. Not only have my various pensions been combined, but I now have a greater understanding of how everything works. For the first time I'm fully confident that my finances are in the best hands and will be for the future with the ongoing service that I will receive. By and far the best choice I could have made.

Tzvi Lindeman

My wife and myself needed a good, reliable financial advisor to manage our savings and pension funds. We have been very pleased with the service that has been provided for us by Justin Rourke and his team at Armstrong Watson in Penrith. We receive an approachable and honest service, and have felt reassured that our funds are being managed sensibly and in our best interests. On the strength of our own experiences, I would have no hesitation in recommending Armstrong Watson to others.

Mr & Mrs R

Having experienced lacklustre financial advice in the past, we were both initially reluctant to approach Justin for pension advice. We shouldn't have worried as Justin has been a breath of fresh air with his honesty and professionalism, guiding and advising us along the way from his wealth of knowledge and experience. We now feel that our finances are in safe hands and look forward to our annual review for an update on the financial world!

Mr & Mrs Newport - Cumbrian Property Services