Client Testimonials

Any merger process can be stressful, however, the support and efforts provided by the team at Armstrong Watson helped make the process as smooth as possible. The team were quick to respond to our queries and worked well with MAPD’s advisors to achieve a positive result for all parties.

John Cooke, Director at Thomson Hayton Winkley

"The discussions regarding benchmarks and indicators of financial instability were really useful but I was particularly enthused as well as assisted by the KPI's and Benchmarks and the impact assessment - especially impact and getting my brain working with what differences could be applied.  What was of particular use to me was understanding the KPI's and not needing to be awash with information to understand the direction and profitability of the business.  The Key Indicators and suggestions were a reassuring endorsement of the direction our firm has been taking coming out of Covid and helped me understand the impact as well as reasoning behind our 3 monthly cashflow projections and our use of the pipeline procedure."

Claire Barnes, Partner Dispute Resolution of Taylors Solicitors

We engaged with Armstrong Watson in 2019 to assist with our conversion from a traditional partnership to an LLP.

We’re based in Buckinghamshire and the Armstrong Watson Legal Sector team that were assisting us with the LLP conversion are based in the far North of England, but this did not affect the support we received with all meetings being carried out over teleconference (way back in mid-2019).

As part of the LLP conversion, we also engaged with AW’s Legal Sector team for our SRA Accounts Rules work. Although the intention was always to carry this out remotely, given recent circumstances, there would have been no choice in any case!

The process was simple and easy with very little disruption. The AW team let us know in advance what we were required to deliver for them to undertake their work and when, and they facilitated this through the use of a share file. Requests for additional evidence and information were done via email allowing us to collate what they required at times convenient to us rather than disrupting the working day, and the final meeting to discuss their findings was held again via teleconference.

Finally given that this work was being undertaken in March 2020 mid-pandemic there was no interruption to the service provided.

Paul Gardener, Partner, JGA Legal LLP (trading as J Garrard & Allen)

We spent an outstanding couple of days with Andy.   It has helped with our cashflow, with profitability and interestingly clients have accepted a new process and approach to fees.  The profit per file will be up.  It was worth the time and effort and is the most useful session I’ve been on in years.

Paul Bennett, Bennett Briegal LLP

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic it became apparent that the bookkeeping and management accounts were potentially going to be problematic logistically.

Sharon was proactive in providing possible solutions in advance of our scheduled quarterly timetable and was available at several opportunities to test our preferred option of working remotely. Microsoft Teams proved to be invaluable in ensuring we could adapt to a rapidly changing working environment with relatively short notice. Armstrong Watson were instrumental in bringing about this change and ensuring, not only the work getting done on a timely basis but also, staff safety being prioritised.

Karen Walsh, Director, Paramount Legal Costs Limited

Following conversion to LLP/ABS and putting in place succession plans we felt it was important that we partner with accountants with deep knowledge and experience of the legal sector to support our future strategy. We found this in abundance at Armstrong Watson and following a delightfully smooth transition we are already benefitting from a wide range of their services. Andy Poole and the AW teams provide proactive advice, are easy to work with and we would recommend them without hesitation.

Andrew Perry, Practice Manager, Russell & Russell Solicitors

Armstrong Watson have provided our payroll services for a number of years.  The team there are excellent; the whole process is user friendly, extremely efficient and very cost effective – everything I need.  Any questions I’ve asked have been answered straight away (even daft ones) and they are terrific at dealing with last minute amendments!

I would thoroughly recommend the payroll team at AW to businesses of all shapes and sizes and look forward to continuing to work with them.

Scott Garson, Practice Manager, Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors

I would like to acknowledge the huge contribution that Andy Poole made to the success of our business planning weekend in March 2019. Andy’s pre-meeting preparation, insight, experience and clarity of thought enabled us to achieve in just one working day what it would otherwise have taken us many working days to accomplish, over a much more protracted timescale. As a result of Andy’s overall contribution and willingness to challenge, we identified and unanimously agreed the strategic aims which will form the essential foundation of our business plan for the next five years. Andy made an invaluable contribution to our business planning process that was not only highly productive and outcomes focused but one that was inclusive and enjoyed by all who took part. I would recommend Andy to other law firms without hesitation or reservation.

Paul Bury, Managing Partner, The Endeavour Partnership LLP

Pepperells Solicitors are a dynamic and growing law firm founded over 25 years ago, employing over 100 staff in the Humber area. In 2016 we engaged the services of Armstrong Watson's specialist legal sector as we sought to change our business structure to reflect Pepperell's modern approach to Law. During the process we were introduced to Justin Rourke. Justin and the legal sector team advised us on ensuring the business and it's key stakeholders are adequately protected in the event of death or critical illness and continues to guide us through our pension planning.

Ben Pepperell - CEO Pepperells Solicitors

When invited to acquire the Practice from the former Partners, we approached Richard Gibson and his Glasgow legal sector/Corporate Finance team to assist us with the purchase.

Richard and his team quickly demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the taxation and regulatory issues surrounding the purchase, and helped structure the transaction to ensure the acquiring business was structured appropriately, and benefited from the most tax advantageous structure when completing the purchase.

Richard built an excellent working relationship with our corporate legal advisor, our funders and the in house finance team to make the purchase and takeover as seamless as possible, and his ongoing involvement has allowed us to focus on the development of our own Practice.

Graham Craik, Managing Partner, Levy & McRae