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Restructuring, Recovery and Insolvency Services

In times of change individuals, funders and companies want to be speaking to advisors who have faced similar challenges previously.  Our senior team brings significant experience of all forms of Restructuring, Recovery and Insolvency enabling a focus on the critical at the earliest stage of each assignment.

With specialists in both England and Scotland we can provide advice tailored to all parts of the relevant jurisdiction.


When you, your company or your client faces cashflow or solvency issues you don’t want insolvency advice you want advice to restore solvency!

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Recovery Advice for Lenders and Creditors

When you lend money or advance credit you expect to be repaid at the time agreed at inception. If those agreements are not honoured, and routine credit control measures fail, then we can help.

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Lenders requiring Fixed Charge Receiverships

As a lender if normal credit control measures do not produce repayment, you may need to enforce your security over the property via a Fixed Charge Receivership.

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Insolvency advice for Companies

No director or advisor ever wants their company to require an insolvency process. But if, for good reasons, a process is the correct decision for the circumstances then it is vital to select the correct process for the correct jurisdiction with the correct practitioner.

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Insolvency advice for individuals

No individual wishes to contemplate personal insolvency, with its risks to home, family relationships, credit rating and reputation. With an ability to manage process and assets across all UK jurisdictions we are frequently consulted on high value or complex cases, where an ability to think widely is an asset to all concerned.

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Solvent liquidations and reconstructions

Solvent liquidations (members’ voluntary liquidations or MVLs) are a vital means of returning value to shareholders and to bringing limited companies affairs to an orderly conclusion. Solvent reconstructions (S110 liquidations) are a specialist variant of the MVL enabling the division of company assets between shareholders without triggering the tax liabilities of a disposal.

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Escalate Dispute Resolution

Escalate is an award-winning, accountancy-led commercial dispute resolution service, simplifying the costly, risky and time-consuming dispute resolution process for SMEs and offering pro-active advice and solutions to unresolved disputes.

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For immediate assistance please contact Mike Kienlen, our Head of Service Line, on

07770 536214

Restructuring, recovery and insolvency advice for businesses and individuals

How we work to support our clients:

  • React quickly to new instructions, with senior advisors involved from the start
  • Assess complex commercial and legal positions in relation to businesses, companies, individuals and other entities
  • Consider the interaction between related entities, for example companies within the same group or between key directors and their companies
  • Explain clearly the situation to relevant stakeholders, and offer options to resolve issues
  • Once instructed to proceed further advise or execute agreed strategy
  • Communicate to key stakeholders at agreed frequencies
  • Help stakeholders avoid future problems by our knowledge of such situations and their risks

Our aim is to work with you to ensure the best outcome possible, whatever your situation. We will always strive for the following outcomes: 

  • Save many businesses by restructuring
  • Maximise returns to creditors where corporate or personal insolvency processes are required
  • Reorganise or reconstruct solvent companies and groups to build shareholder value

Key contact

Mike Kienlen, Head of Restructuring, Recovery and Insolvency, Partner & Chairman

Mike Kienlen

Head of Restructuring, Recovery and Insolvency, Partner & Chairman

Call: 07770 536214

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