Top 5 Xero add-ons for the hospitality sector


While it may not always feel like it in our hectic day-to-day lives, the core idea that drives technological innovation is to reduce the time we spend on tedious tasks – think, for example, data entry, inventory management, price comparisons – and instead, create tools that do the work for us.

As thinking beings, we are then able to use our social skills, creativity and problem solving to drive change, while we outsource the monotonous work to our technology. As a business owner, this not only creates ample room for efficiency savings but also frees up time and delivers countless opportunities for you to stimulate growth within your company.

Accounting software, such as Xero, is at the cutting edge of technological change in the business world. Xero in itself is a powerful tool when compared to the accounting software systems of yesteryear, but Xero add ons and integrations provide a user-friendly (and often free-to-use) platform to help transform a business by freeing it from the shackles of endless paperwork and admin.

Here are the Top 5 Xero add ons for use in the hospitality sector and the benefits they can bring to your business.


Goodtill is a must-have app for the hospitality industry, particularly in a post-pandemic world. A Point of Sale software by nature, Goodtill integrates with Xero to provide a range of services from stock, staff and customer management to live stock and inventory management, with detailed reporting provided.

The core aim of Goodtill is to speed up service, streamline operations and simplify day-to-day tasks while granting greater insight into the inner workings of your business. Goodtill further sets itself out from the crowd by offering integration with a range of other services, including takeaway and delivery apps such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats, in addition to ResDiary for table bookings, Mailchimp for marketing and RotaReady for staff management.


While not exclusive to the hospitality industry, Reducer is amongst the most effective and essential applications available to pair with your company’s Xero account. At its core, Reducer is a business costs management software, which eliminates the gruelling task of comparing suppliers when cutting costs and finding the best possible deal for your company. It’s simple, low-input and, best of all, free to use. Say goodbye to the lengthy price comparison process and let Reducer do the work for you.


Like Goodtill, Nobly is a Point of Sale add-on for your Xero account, providing sales and end of day reports, table service, CRM, in addition to real-time ingredient and inventory tracking. Where Nobly sets itself apart from the crowd, however, is in its focus on customer loyalty, with a range of options to build loyalty schemes personalised to both your business and your customers. Build your brand and turn new customers into loyal customers.


Of all the applications available to a Xero user, perhaps the most useful in terms of efficiency concerns bill automation, with AutoEntry providing an exceptional service. Gone are the days where data entry takes up a significant proportion of your workday with AutoEntry, where information is extracted from your company’s paper receipts, invoices or bank statements by simply snapping a photo of the document. AutoEntry automatically sorts the financial data extracted by tax, supplier and region, allowing this information to be imported to your Xero account with the click of a button. Save yourself from the tedium of data input and sign up with Autoentry today.


In hospitality, keeping track of the staff rota can be a full-time job in itself. Move away from paper timesheets and your scheduling spreadsheet to Tanda’s seamless and swift rostering, which makes your staff simple and effective with its digital clock-in, clock-out mechanism. Tanda features a live feed of your staff schedules, giving you the power to see who is working at any given time, in addition to alerting you when staff members are late or absent. When integrated with Xero, Tanda automatically generates timesheets and posts staff wages directly to your Xero account, removing the onus of data entry. Save time, effort and stress by ensuring your workforce runs on time, around the clock.

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